Hoa quả dầm | A fruit-buffet dessert

On a normal sunny day in Hanoi , there is nothing better than a dish of Hoa Qua Dam. This dish is a part of a drink,  part of a dessert , but there’s no doubt it can satisfy every sweet tooth in this world in the healthiest way possible.

Hoa qua dam is many people’s favourite refreshing dessert. From kids who just finished school asking their parents for an afternoon dessert, to people who are seeking for nice refreshment after a long day at work, hoa qua dam is quite easy to find as it can be seen in every street and corner in Hanoi.

In each cup ( or bowl – which is actually more common in many shops ), there are so many different flavors and colors : strawberry, avocado, mango, watermelon, apple, pineapple,…The smell of fruits will seduce you even before you get to taste it.And you mix it with a little bit syrup for the color, jelly , tapioca pearls. Then the sweetness of yogurt , coolness of the ice , pleasing flavor of many kinds of fruits will make you be unable to have the dish just once, but twice and many more times after.

People say that hoa qua dam has every parts of the country in it. This is reasonable since inside the dish are fruits from the north, south and the center of the country, from every cities and provinces. Each fruit has different flavor that can not be described until you have tried them.

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